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Studio Cindy Beuhlah is a nonconformist French Art Director, Illustrator, Designer and Visual Artist, who obtained a degree in graphic design from the ésad Amiens, France. She spent some time as a guest student at Bauhaus-Universität-Weimar. Cindy has an artistic sensibilty making her approach modern as well as rigorous.

Her strong interest for alternative media-spaces and new technologies gives her the ability to work on projects from a combination of unique and unseen perspectives. This would include; unseen perspectives, including publishing, visual-identity, events and web. These views enrich her creative processes through which she can work on projects of varying sizes and infusing her work with new ideas. 
She is open-minded, creative, curious, cultured, passionate, rigorous, autonomous, and proactive. 
By way from France Cindy calls Berlin home.
work requests & fan letters can be sent to : salut@beuhlah.com​​​​​​​
Represented by Romeo & Fils

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