Berlin Student Film Festival - Berlin 
The Berlin Student Film Festival, a non-profit organisation, aims to inspire and encourage emerging filmmakers through a constructive and professional festival, showcasing their work to prestigious industry leaders. At the same time offering student filmmakers from all over the world a unique opportunity to share their voice and vision with film industry leaders, creating career opportunities.
Award making by LSD Design - Laszlo Sztana 
Co-founder & Festival Director: Justin Raymond Merino
Co-founder: Lisi Badia / Per Zennström
Director of Creative Services: Studio Cindy Beuhlah
Logo Design & Acrylic Award: Lisi Badia
Award Production: LSD Design - Laszlo Sztana
Award Box Design & Production: Studio Cindy Beuhlah
Poster - Ticket - Social Media - DVD Design: Studio Cindy Beuhlah
Photography: Studio Cindy Beuhlah
Printed at: We Make It Berlin 

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