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RaiseNow is a platform which supports ambitious fundraisers to grow their online fundraising.

studio beuh_lah was approached by RaiseNow to create a new brand identity that distinguished it from its competitors and with the goal of enhancing their new vision to guide their future improvements to their product.

I took inspiration from a bold color palette of a stunning sunrise I saw one morning, which reminded me of RaiseNow's philosophy: optimism and possibility. I played around with more organic shapes and natural forms in order to achieve a simple concept that inspires optimism and positivity for the dawn of a new era.

Their new logo combines fresh typography with a traditional look that maintains a link with the old logo. The colors have a strong link to nature, but they’re also playful enough to show that they can have fun without neglecting their tech-driven side. They appeal to any gender and also evoke the ecological and societal causes that RaiseNow support. They’re also a nod to the current Altruja logo with its burning torch. If they were a torch before, they have now evolved into a sunrise — and a sunrise perfectly represents how RaiseNow has been shaped by these changes: new opportunities, new potential, new forces.

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studio beuh_lah is a creative genius that brings together requirements from the team and their design expertise to deliver a cohesive visual identity that represents our new direction forward as a team.

Clara Lu

CMO at RaiseNow AG

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