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What would a day be without a favorite playlist and new and exciting discoveries? At studio beuh_lah, music has an important part of my creative process, that's why it was a great joy to work on the cover of this single for Psycho & Plastic. It's even more fun when activism meets music.
Grand Hotel Cosmopolis, the title track of singer/songwriter/ accordionist Geoff Berner’s new album, receives the remix treatment from Psycho & Plastic.

Client: GiveUsYourGOLD
Sector: Music, Music Production
Year: 2019
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These days, a lot of music comes out. That makes standing out a real challenge. Especially if you're a non-conformist electronic music label like us. We always need something really special for our single release campaigns. Luckily we found studio beuh_lah through a friend! They totally nailed it by completely understanding our vision and adding ultimate freshness to our look.

Alexandre Decoupigny — Co-founder at Give Us Your GOLD